Citi training answers social and behavioral research

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The CITI website offers many kinds of training, which may or not be required at FSU. Please note however that the training specifically required by FSU for research involving human subjects is called "Human Subjects Research (HSR)" training, which contains the required modules for protecting...

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CITI training certificates for all researchers must be attached to the protocol that is being submitted. Training certificates expire every 3 years. Choosing . a Course: Social & Behavioral Research Course – the majority of research at SRU falls under this module. Research involving surveys, observation of human behavior, etc. are covered in ... 4. Scroll down and answer Question 1 through 4. If you are not doing lab animal research, leave question 2 blank. Based on this questionnaire, most students and faculty will do the "Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher" course.

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The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a web-based training program hosted by the University of Miami that offers training in human subjects research Select the learner group appropriate to your research activities. • Biomedical Researchers • Social & Behavioral Researchers.2. CITI Good Clinical Practice – Social and Behavioral Research (2-3 hrs) Course Description: Principal investigators and clinical trial staff for NIH funded clinical trials can fulfill the NIH training requirement by completing this training. The GCP training program emphasizes the practical roles and responsibilities of the research team.

Apr 03, 2019 · Faculty will generally have to have Social & Behavioral Research. Those serving on the IRB must have IRB Members. Students must take the appropriate module. If you are up-to-date on these modules, chose “I do not want….at this time.” and scroll down. Choose Students conducting no more than minimal risk research Week 2 Assignment 2: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) - Social & Behavior Research Course – Due Week 5 Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to complete the CITI Training – Social and Behavior Research Investigators Course. The course has fifteen modules.