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Single Sign On (SSO)-enabled accounts may be used for target server connection configuration but only when a UPN in a non-federated target domain address is used (e.g. * Notes and warnings: Outlook Add-in works only with Outlook for Windows. Outlook for Mac is not supported.

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I'm currently in the middle of developing a lab environment to migrate our mixed Exchange 2010 and 2013 environment to Exchange 2016. I've been running 1x 2013 and 2x 2016 in co-existence in the lab for a few weeks now, and it's worked well - I've done testing for RPC, OWA, ActiveSync and EWS.Configuring the Outlook Plugin for Web. The Outlook Plugin can be added as an add-in and installed via an URL. The following versions are supported: Office365 / OWA (Outlook Web Access) or Exchange 2016; Login to Outlook. Go to:; Login with your credentials; Open the Outlook App; Install the Outlook Web Plugin

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Sign-in to OWA. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is available for VUMC computers without access to the full Microsoft Office 365 experience, and to VUMC employees who need to login to their email when away from the main Medical Center network. The OWA login page has two security options that allow you to indicate if you are using the software on a ... Once that's done, update the OWA directory. Exchange 2016 supports acting-as-a-proxy for 2010, so both the versions can coexist using the same URLs. Now, change the OWA and autodiscover URL to Exchange 2016, to ensure all URLs go through Exchange 2016. You can use the below script to do that.and are then taken to the standard Outlook logon form to enter username and password again to get to OWA. I have gone through many guides and blogs on the setup for OWA 2013, but couldn't find much specific to 2016. I have a session policy attached to the AAA server.; Default Authorization: Allow. Single Sign-on to Web Apps: ON Credential Index ...

Aug 07, 2016 ยท How to disable Single Sign On (SSO) and enter user manually 7 3 72,997 It is in most cases good to have SSO to avoid entering user and password manually, however, sometimes, it is required to logon with another user instead of the default, or you want to change the logon language.