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Nowoczesne medium, porządkuje świat i dostarcza angażujące informacje, rozrywkę i usługi w czasie rzeczywistym. Przewodnik Polaków w wirtualnym świecie.

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6.1.1: Creating PHP-Enhanced Web Pages. 6.1.2: Accessing PHP-Enhanced HTML Documents. 6.1.3: PHP Development Process. Exercise 6.1. 6.2.7: Mathematical Functions. 6.2.8: Summary. 6.3: A Taste of PHP and MySQL. 6.3.1: Connecting to a MySQL Database.PH CONNECTOR. 2.0 mm pitch/Disconnectable Crimp style connectors. Emboss Tape.

I wanted a simple *function* to convert the output of phpinfo into an array. Here's what I came up with thanks to alot of the previous authors tips, and the source file: php-5.2.6/ext/standard/info.c. Call this function like phpinfo_array() prints the array, phpinfo_array(1) returns the array for your own processing.мощность (кВт). 6PH Треугольник 6PL Звезда.