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To prevent losing messages, consumers have to explicitly tell SQS that they're finished with the message - and only then does it delete the message from the queue. If SQS doesn't hear back within a certain time (the visibility timeout, default 30 seconds), it assumes the message needs to be re-sent. Only when SQS has re-sent a message ...

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The JSON packet we set in the addAttributesEntry() method when building our SetQueueAttributesRequest instance contains the information we need: the maxReceiveCount is 2, which means that if a message is received this many times, it's assumed to haven't been processed correctly, and is sent to our dead letter queue.

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This method will receive messages from spring-cloud-test-queue and then process them. We can also retrieve message headers using the @Header annotation on method parameters. If the first parameter is a custom Java object instead of String, Spring will convert the message to that type using JSON conversion. 1.2. SNS (Simple Notification Service)

Here's an example of using Talend components to create an Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) queue and then deliver a couple of messages to the queue. The input messages in this example are as follows, and each message contains the message creator attribute and the message body information.